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A complete facial regime, from cleanse, balance, repair and moisture to relax. Allow this quality skincare to restore skin balance, enhance skin radiance and complexion, and indulge your every sense with the legendary luxury you expect. We have a complete range of facials to keep your face as radiant and fresh as ever. Here are the brief description and prices of our most loved facials.

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All Facial Treatments

Champagne Facial (60 Minutes)

Gentle plant based peel offers exfoliation for maximum skin rejuvenation. Foam mask delivers very high dose of oxygen directly to the skin to facilitate epidermal exchanges. Perfect treatment of dilated pores, scars and pigmentation

Red Carpet Glow Facial (90 Minutes)

This facial offers firmer skin. Collagen mask delivers instant face lift and leaves skin hydrated and supple.

Liquid Gold’s Golden Facial (75 Minutes)

With nutricious serum and massage cream oil, Golden Facial would leave your skin looking younger and radiant.

Liquid Gold’s Brightening Facial (90 Minutes)

Helps reduce skin discoloration. A blend of deep exfoliation, triple mask, Vitamin C, serum and moisturizing leaves skin healthy and rejuvenated.

24 Karat Gold Facial (90 Minutes)
This treatment extracts the factors out of skin cells that induces aging. It can slow down aging process.
Facial for Acneic Skin (60 Minutes)

This facial uses excellent exfoliate, skin balancer and masks specially designed for acne prone skin.

Back Facial (50 Minutes)
Helps eliminate dead skin build up and increases blood circulation by deeply cleansing, exfoliating and steaming followed by mask and moisturizer application.
Teenagers’ Facial (40 Minutes)

This facial is specially designed for teenagers with clogged, congested and acneic skin. This would leave your skin glowing and vibrant.

Men’s Facial (75 Minutes)

Specially designed for men to boost circulation resulting in energetic and vibrant appearance.

Add To Any Facial
Lip Treatment for $15
Eye Treatment for $15
15 minutes massage for $18